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Announcing the new and improved Affiliate Program!

There are many benefits to this new Affiliate Program, which are outlined in the chart below:

OLD Affiliate Program NEW Affiliate Program
Earn Commision Track affiliate earnings
    Automatic commission without dependency on customer actions
    No competition with site promotions
    Automatic sales tracking for 365 days
    Constant access to new marketing assets
    Campaign tracking for strategy analysis

One of the greatest parts about our new affiliate program, is that your most basic responsibility to earn money is to get people to click your link. Once they click your link, their cookie is stored for 365 days, which means all of our marketing efforts thereafter, that may cause them to convert, will still earn you money!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the change?
There are so many benefits! This new program allows for a more robust affiliate campaign. It is fully automated and removes any responsibility for commission from the customer. It provides a straightforward user interface to send and receive messages with us, receive links and marketing materials, and it removes any competition between earning commission and site promotions.

How do I sign up?
No need to sign up. We have already enrolled you into the new program based on your current participation and have also automatically placed you at the highest commission tier possible!

When will this change happen?
We will be launching this new program on February 1, 2016. On that day, all Ecenter codes will become inactive and commission will be paid on orders received with this link-based tracking system.

What is link-based tracking and how does it work?
Link based tracking means that you earn commission on any order placed through our site within one year of your personalized link being clicked. This works by placing a cookie tracker in the customer’s browser when they click your link. That cookie remains for 365 days and our system recognizes any orders placed with your cookie stored. It then tracks your commission off of those purchases.

Is there anyway the tracking won’t work for 365 days?
The only way for the cookie to stop tracking your commission is if the customer clears their cookies manually prior to purchasing, or happens to click another affiliates link after yours and prior to checkout.

What do I have to do then?
It is easy! Simply promote our products to your community as you always have, and use your personalized link found in the affiliate portal to link to our site.

What is the next step?
You will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance into the affiliate program, with a link to create your password and sign into the affiliate portal.

What about Our Wholesale Discounts?
While our wholesale offer is not directly connected with this new affiliate program, we will be simplifying our wholesale process and providing a standard 35% discount with a minimum purchase of any 10 units.